Important comment for the use of the demonstration

On top you see the whole process. It is the same process like in the SAP-System. You can click on every part of the process and continue your work step by step. You will see a red line under the part of the process in which you are. You can go forward only one step after the other. Back you can jump.

The tab "Situation" will show you an extract of a story of an enterprise. Every step of the process has a little story ("Situation") and a "Task". Please read the story at first and then open the link "Task". Follow the questions.

Further on you will mosty find an overview (link "Structure"). The overview is very important to understand the whole process.

Sometimes I put information into the part of a process. You can see it on the left side. These informations are very helpful to understand the SAP-System, the business processes and the commercial contents.

The instructions shows you how to work with the SAP-System. This demonstration version shows you only some movies for example. Normaly there are instructions you can use step by step and stop where ever you like. Please note: The movies are especially created for this scenario that you can get an impression.